Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the most efficient and cost-effective source of heating for your home will be one of the most important financial decisions you will make this winter. Unlike other websites, Arbor Firewood and Logs won't confuse you with science, but will try to answer some of your most commonly asked questions.

What areas are covered by free delivery?

An area bounded by Grampound to Lizard, St Mawes to Perranporth, Truro to Penzance, Penryn to Coverack.

I can't visualise a cubic metre. How many logs do I get and how long will they last?

Please see our Log Prices Page which gives a picture of each load in our lorry to help you visualise the size and amount of logs you will receive. 1m3 will last a light user approximately half a winter. Our most popular delivery is 2m3 will last the winter with moderate use. If you have a large storage area, the bigger the load the greater your value for money.

I've been told that a 'dumpy' bag (also known as a builder's or tonne bag) is equivalent to a cubic metre and holds a tonne of logs?

This is not true. A dumpy bag holds 0.6m3 and less than half a tonne. You would need to buy a dumpy bag for £42 to match Arbor's prices, and that is IF they are filled with comparable, seasoned logs.

What delivery vehicles do Arbor use?

Arbor delivers on specially modified, large open-backed pickups which can hold 4m3 in separate bays. The loads are loose, split, seasoned and immediately ready for burning. We can also offer a carry service to put the logs in your storage area for a small fee.

How big is a cubic metre compared to a cubic yard?

First of all you need to check if you're getting a set volume. Not all vehicles of the same type are the same size and most log suppliers deliver on a variety of types. Different wheel bases and manipulation of the load areas are used to confuse customers. We know from some of our clients that others are delivering on a similar vehicle to ours, but offer not much more than our comparable half-load at their full-load prices! we are constantly surprised on our deliveries that customers remark about how many logs they are getting.

A word of warning

Be careful when ordering your logs, not from Arbor Firewood, but from others who may sell you unseasoned pine (which will split and tar up your flues) and also laurel which is becoming increasingly common due to the large amounts being cleared locally. Laurel emits poisonous fumes and is unsuitable for burning. Some unscrupulous sellers who are given it for free are selling it on at cheap prices.

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